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"This idea — that women can always find another way to get the coverage or care they need — underpins just about every recent restriction on women’s health. What’s another 24-hour mandatory abortion waiting period? To a woman who lives 25 miles from the nearest provider, it’s everything. What’s one more tweak to a law about the width of clinic doors? To a clinic that can’t afford to remodel, it’s everything. What’s a minor policy change that means you have to pay full price for that IUD? To a woman who makes $14 an hour, it’s everything."

What a Woman’s Choice Means to the Supreme Court - (via christinefriar)

(Source: annfriedman, via christinefriar)
Couldn’t resist

Couldn’t resist

"you’re missing the vagician!"

without a doubt the most on-point period commercial i’ve ever seen.


As you may have noticed, LA is heating up for the summer. Shockingly, I’m wearing warm weather clothing as a result, and the constant, aggressive catcalls are really getting me down. I’ve gotten seven in the past four days, including one guy who thought it was cool to put his hands on me. The…